NONexistence is a new series under the umbrella of The ANT1-HER0 Project... It will take place roughly thirty years after the events of War Paint, and depicts three crews of astronauts tasked with colonizing Mars as Earth becomes ravaged by climate change disasters and ongoing political struggle. Having lost all contact with a dying planet for nearly a year, each crew must decide how it will spend the remainder of its resources. Some will try to stick to the mission, others will attempt to return to Earth, and a few will spend their final days exploring the vastness of space.


One of the topics NONexistence will explore is the aftermath of man’s arrogance as it sought to terraform another planet while our environment back home collapses due to unsustainable resource extraction and consumption caused by rampant capitalist globalization. Had this for-profit venture succeeded, and the people of Earth been able to keep providing resources —who would’ve had the privilege to pursue life on the new world? Who would it have been for? And when all was said and done, would it have been worth the sacrifice? 


To Be Continued...