The ART of DISSENT - 2nd Edition  is AVAILABLE NOW!

I believe art can be a tangible component of sociopolitical activism —it’s one of the fastest and most effective vehicles used to influence thought and behavior. 


To illustrate this claim, WAR PAINT - The ART of DISSENT 

examines the roles art and entertainment play in both cultural pacification and political agitation. 


Fusing fiction with nonfiction, it includes concept art, poetry, a series of incendiary essays, and two sequential short stories —all of which are purposefully intertwined to create a unique and motivating experience.

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War Paint — The ART of DISSENT - 2nd Edition is available at four different price points, and I will explain why:


As an Anarchist entrepreneur operating within the confines of a capitalist system, I am well aware of the contradictory nature of an anticapitalist who’s in business for himself. So in order to address this paradox head-on, I have decided to offer my new book to you at cost —which is 20 dollars. 


Each book costs me 20 dollars to print, and that’s without figuring in the expenses paid before printing costs —such as paying the sequential artists I collaborated with, and the cost of my own materials, etc  —which was well over 2,000 dollars.


At 20 dollars a copy, I could sell every copy produced and not make a single dime from it —and that’s okay. I think 20 dollars is more than a fair price for anyone who’s on the fence about my new book, or is unfamiliar with what I do. In addition to this, I will be adding an eBook version for only 10 dollars!


Now, for those of you who really support what I’m about, and would like to help me make some money doing this, you’ll have the opportunity to do so.


War Paint will also be available to you at 25 and 30 dollars, with absolutely no pressure or incentive at either price point —the contents of this book will be exactly the same for each. 


Having four different price points is not about offering unique purchasing incentives —it’s about giving you an opportunity to support my ongoing endeavors as a creative person.


By the time you’ve read The ART of DISSENT, I will have already begun work on the next installment —and higher contributions made to this project will dramatically influence the type of content I'll be able to provide. 


Moving forward, I would love to collaborate with a variety of other talented artists and writers in order to expand the world I’m building —but those artists and writers will need to be paid… so rather than offering you costly incentives, I will simply offer you the choice to help me do that.


In solidarity,

Travis J Gibbs