The ANT1-HER0 Project

created by Travis J Gibbs

Artist, Essayist, Poet, Performer


WAR PAINT is a cyberpunk art narrative about a graffiti writer/ saboteur instigating rebellion in a totalitarian police state —but it's more than just a concept, it's a philosophy. It’s a multimedia confrontation with complacency and ignorance —where its story, message, and dialogue are depicted by visual art, poetry, a series of incendiary essays, and two sequential short stories.


The ANT1-HER0 Project is an Anarchist initiative that aims to encourage creative people of all ages to engage themselves in critical thinking and discussion, while seeking to empower and motivate them to enact the changes they wish to see in the world. Sociopolitical change is a collective effort, and your unique areas of interest and abilities are needed to form active, well-rounded communities capable of achieving large-scale goals. The Intellectual Revolution is happening right now, and every day, we decide our own level of involvement.   

This is a multimedia experience I've created to depict the world around me — drawing from my thoughts, interests, experiences, and ever-evolving sociopolitical and spiritual ideology. The characters are all extensions of an ongoing conflict in a world where I’m trying to do so much more than just merely exist. It's a gallery installation comprised of concept art, sequential short stories, graffiti, and a live spoken word performance. 


“Antai Hirow”, the tag name of a conflicted graffiti artist, turned revolutionary in a totalitarian police state — while “Ordinary Joe” and “Plain Jane” represent products of American industry, programmed to function as society’s ideal conformists.


A self-destructive vandal clashing with automated figures of authority — is this an example of corporate America gone too far, or a society too far gone? What happens when an isolated free-thinker declares war on these super-imposed standards for conformity?


It’s in our social construct to dehumanize our enemies and desensitize ourselves as a coping mechanism for conflict — how far will these characters go before their reality becomes distorted, and the lines they've drawn begin to blur? 




Art is more than just entertainment and decoration, it’s one of the fastest and most effective vehicles used to inspire social change. I hope to propel artists to the frontline of this INTELLECTUAL REVOLUTION.






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